Under-Hood Fused Power NON-ABS

If you want to wire in an under-hood accessory or maybe a more powerful horn on your NB, as I did. You might find that you'll have to run a separate power wire to avoid blowing fuses. Of course this power wire will have to be fused also. I personally don't like the way inline fuses look, so I set out to tap power in a much cleaner fashion, and decided to document the process.

What I've done here is simply re-purposed the slot in the under-hood fuse box that is used for the ABS controller on ABS equipped NBs.

Before you attempt this, disconnect your battery!!! You wouldn't want to short anything out. Any number of awful things could happen!

Tools Required:
10mm Deep-Socket
Small Flathead Screwdriver
Large Flathead Screwdriver
Wire Terminal Crimper
Wire Stripper (Usually part of the crimper)
Soldering Iron

Materials Required:
Soldering Flux (Optional, Recommended)
16g-14g Wire

Two 10mm nuts to remove.

Use the big flathead to pop open this clip and release the wire bundle.
There is a catch on the inside as well.

Bam! All out. It doesn't move up much, but it's enough to work with.

Pop these clips open all around the box.

There is a little tab down in this hole that holds a pin retainer in place. It's small, but I've circled it in red

Use a small flathead to push it down and away from the fuses.

Pull the pin retainer out the rest of the way.

Plastic tab holding the fuse terminal in place.

Stick your small flathead between the tab and terminal and pry the tab away from the terminal.

Push out the terminal.

The terminal. I didn't get a before picture. The original wire should be green. The terminal is not soldered from the factory.
Pry open the two bottom crimp tabs, then wiggle the rest of the wire back and forth until it breaks free from the terminal.
reuse the bottom crimp tabs and crimp in your new power wire, then solder it in place.
-Make sure the power wire you use is the same gauge or slightly larger than the one you remove.
-Don't forget to use soldering flux.
-Don't heat the wire too long.

You don't have to pull the green wire out of the box, but I did.
Whether you remove the wire or not, insulate it well so there is no chance of it shorting any other wires.

Put everything back together. It's pretty straight-forward, but there is one thing to watch out for.

Make sure your wires are above this black tab/rod as shown. This keeps them from getting pinched at the seam.

If the box is difficult to close even after being lined up properly, check this area under the box. A wire or two may have freed itself from above the previous tab/rod and is now stuck in the seam. If so, just open it up and try to persuade the wire to stay put.

Loom it up! Since I removed the green wire and it was hanging out of the box, I put it in the loom also.

Hook up your new accessory and replace the 20A fuse and you're done!
Don't use any fuse rated higher than 20A. You wouldn't want to burn up your wiring harness.