Torque Specs

Originally compiled by the San Diego Miata Club - 12 February, 2002


Spark plugs11-17 (132-204 in-lbs)
Engine oil drain plug (19mm)22-30/31-41
Gearbox drain plug (24mm)29-43/39-59
Gearbox fill plug (square)18-29/25-39
Differential drain plug (24mm)29-40/39-54
Differential fill plug (23mm)29-40/39-54
Wheel lug nuts66-86/89-117


Swaybar bushing bolts - front13-20/18-26
Swaybar bushing bolts - rear14-21/20-28
Swaybar end link bolts, both ends27-40/36-54
Upper shock mount plate bolts22-27/29-36
Upper shock nuts23-34/31-46
Lower shock bolt54-69/73-93
Lower control arm bolt, front54-69/73-93
Spindle (vertical) bolt54-69/73-93
Camber adjustment bolts, (D or H-style), front69-83/94-112
Camber adjustment bolts, (D or H-style), rear54-70/73-95


Front/rear bracket bolts36-51/49-69
Caliper bolts, front58-65/78-88
Caliper bolts, rear25-29/34-39
Front/rear banjo bolts16-22/22-29
Rear adjuster plug bolt9-12/12-16

Engine & Cooling

Crank pulley bolt (1990 - early 1991)80-87/108-118 (plus Loctite 242-blue)
Crank pulley bolt (late 1991 - present)116-122/157-165(plus Loctite 242-blue)
Cam cover bolts (must be done in correct order)43-78 in-lbs
Alternator mounting bolt27-38/37-52
Alternator tension adjustment bolt14-19/19-25
Water pump - 4 bolts to block14-19/19-25
Water inlet pipe - 2 bolts to water pump14-19/19-25
Radiator - upper bolts14-19/19-25
Thermostat cover - 2 bolts14-19/19-25
Timing belt tensioner bolt & idler pulley bolt28-38/38-52
Timing belt cover bolts69-95 in-lbs
Cylinder head bolts (must be done in stages and in correct order)56-60/76-81

Intake / Exhaust

Airflow meter bolts69-95 in-lbs
Intake manifold bracket27-40/36-54
O2 sensorby feel, as close to 22-36 ft-lbs as possible
Exhaust pipe clamp bolt (to bell housing)15-20/21-27
Bell housing bolts48-65/65-88
Exhaust header nuts28-34/38-46
Cat converter nuts (both ends)30-41/40-55


Transmission front cover bolts14-18/19-24
Flywheel bolts71-75/96-102
Pressure plate bolts14-19/19-25
Bell housing bolts48-65/65-88
Prop shaft nuts20-22/27-30
Power plant frame bolts77-91/104-123
Starter motor bolts28-38/38-51
Starter motor mounting bracket bolts28-38/38-51
Slave cylinder fluid tube9-16 (113-190 in. lbs.)
Slave cylinder mounting bolts12-16/16-22