Pulling the Engine and Transmission

prb, 12/21/2014

  • Disconnect Battery
  • Remove hood
  • Remove the tubing that runs across the top of the firewall. Held by two 10mm bolts into the firewall. The one that the throttle cable snaps into. Disconnect both ends and set aside.
  • Remove Coil Packs, plug wires and cam angle sensor
  • Note that the wires leading to the coil pack have blue tape on the passenger side (in NA)
  • If you can't get the CAS out with the valve cover in place, remove the valve cover
  • Remove the PCV Valve and tube and set aside.
  • Disconnect pre-cat 02 sensor plug
  • Disconnect the MAF and remove clean air crossover tube, air box and snorkel
  • Remove air box bottom bracket
  • Remove the throttle cable linkage, both from the throttle and from the bracket on the side of the intake manifold.
  • Remove the brake booster hose from the manifold
  • Remove the brake booster hose from the brake booster and lay the assembly aside.
  • Disconnect wiring harness from the throttle position sensor and the idle air control.
  • Disconnect the wiring harness ground points by the throttle body (NA8)
  • Disconnect the wiring harness from the power steering pump.
  • Disconnect the harness from the coolant thermosensor (NA6)
  • Disconnect the harness from the vacuum solenoid on the intake manifold
  • Disconnect the fuel lines and loop the two pipes on the fender to each other with a small piece of fuel hose to prevent the tank from siphoning and to keep debris and cleaning fluids out of the fuel lines
  • Remove the EGR vacuum lines (Blue stripe to EGR, red stripe to manifold)
  • Remove the vacuum line that goes to the purge valve
  • Disconnect the two harness plugs at the rear of the intake manifold. One leads to the injector harness, the other to the throttle body.
  • Disconnect the harness from the EGR valve and lay that harness to the side.
  • Disconnect the engine thermosensor and the water temp thermosensor for the dash gauge
  • Disconnect the injector harness from the injectors and remove it.
  • Remove the hood prop rod
  • Remove the AC/Power steering belt
  • Remove the power steering pump and tie to the side. No need to break the lines.
  • Remove the AC compressor. No need to break the lines.
This completes the upper disconnects.

Raise the car on jack stands, all 4 corners. Under the car...
  • Remove engine undertray
  • Disconnect and remove the exhaust system including the catalytic converter. (I was replacing my exhaust. you may not need to do this)
  • If you don't remove the exhaust system, disconnect it at the front of the Catalytic converter
  • This may require removal of the rear suspension brace
  • Remove the drive shaft
  • If you don't have a yoke to plug into the transmission, drain the transmission. Otherwise insert a yoke and tie it in place.
  • Remove the speedometer cable
  • Remove the wiring harness from the two transmission switches (neutral and reverse)
Now, on the top side
  • Remove the radiator and fans
  • Remove the upper and lower coolant hoses and the intermediate lower hose bracket from the engine area
  • Remove the O2 sensor and lay it aside.
  • I leave the exhaust manifold and down pipe attached to the engine. If you plan to remove it before the engine pull, remove the heat shield and remove the exhaust assembly.
Inside the car cabin,
  • Remove the shift knob, remove the center console, remove the upper insulator from the shift lever.
  • Remove the shift lever from the transmission.
Below the car again
  • Remove the motor mount bolts
  • Remove the three power plant frame bolts
The engine is now loose and just sitting there. It's time to attach the hoist to the two engine lift rings. I use a balance bar and would recommend that everyone uses one.
  • With the balance bar cranked all the way toward the rear of the car, raise the engine gently until it just comes in contact with the transmission tunnel. Be sure to stop there, you could easily pull the car off the jack stands with a good hoist.
  • With the engine slightly lifted in the previous step, you can now easily detach the lower engine harness from the starter, the oil sender and the alternator.
The engine is ready to hoist out. Lower it a bit, crank the balancer to the middle, get under the car and use a pry bar to pop the transmission out of the power plant frame. Don't be under it, do it from the side. It probably won't drop far, but you'll probably need to help it out of the PPF.

It's time to work the engine out of the engine compartment. Crank the balance bar all the way to the front letting the transmission tailshaft touch the ground. Hoist the engine some watching for clearance. Pull it towards the front of the car a couple of inches, raise it some more etc until the engine is clear of the vehicle.

Pull it away from the car and lower it onto a cradle or old tire (no rim)