NA Tune Up Parts List

Original Author: Phil Barnett (prb) - 2013

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Your stock Miata engine will respond well to basic tune-up parts. Over the years, many of us have tried from the very least expensive tune up parts to the exotic. Time after time we have found that the basic NGK plugs and wires work extremely well on this engine. Most of the time these basic parts perform better than the more expensive parts.

With this in mind, here's a list of the parts you'll need for a tune up and long term maintenance.

NGK Plugs:

(called for in most auto parts stores, Workshop Manual says they are ok)
6953BKR5E11 V-Power < Best low cost choice
7090BKR5EGP Platinum < Poor choice for this engine
2647PFR5G-11Double Platinum< if money is no object, these are easily the best choice.

(these are the "standard" in workshop manual)
2756BKR6E11 V-Power
7092BKR6EGP Platinum

(here's a link to what these NGK plug numbers mean...)

My 1995 Workshop Manual states that the V-Power BKR5E11 and BKR6E11 (standard), so the manual says you can use either one but the 6 heat range is "standard". Most auto part stores list the 5 heat range as standard. 5 is a slightly hotter plug. If you burn much oil, your plugs may last longer if they are hotter.

The Workshop Manual also states that Nippondenso K16PR-U11 or K20PR-U11 (standard) are acceptable plugs.

I have always used NGK and the Miata.net community at large strongly suggests NGK plugs and wires.

Recently, I've experimented with some Champion Double Platinum plugs. After a 3 month inspection, I've determined they are at or near the optimum heat range for my Miata. They are Champion 7071, or RC12PYP. They cost a lot less than the NGK double platinum.

Anything more exotic than the V-Power plug is likely a waste of money. The double platinum plug was created to deal with Lost Spark systems like our engines use. These could extend the plug change interval by a lot. But they cost 5 times as much, so it's probably a wash.

Single platinum and single iridium plugs are generally a waste of money in a Miata. Reason: These engines are lost spark engines. Two coils, four plugs. Platinum plugs depend on the electrons only flowing away from the noble metal tip for long life. In a Miata, one plugs fires in one direction, the other plug fires in the opposite direction. With single platinum plugs you will find that two of them wear out faster than a V-power plug. And you will go through plugs like crazy. The Double platinum is the exception to this because they have noble metals on both the tip and the electrode.

Not only are the V-Power plugs what the factory recommends, hundreds of millions of miles of experience with them shows that they run great in every Miata with the stock ECU. We're talking stock here. Exotically enhanced engines need not apply. There's special rules for turbo and super charged engines. And if you've done that, you already know what works.

Stock plugs gap to 1.0-1.1 mm or .040-.043 inch. Regardless of which gap you choose, make sure they are all the same for the best tune. This is an important step so don't skip it. Plugs come already gapped from the manufacturer and these days they are better than ever but you should confirm the gaps are correct before you put them into the engine.

Use of Anti-Seize is recommended on the spark plugs. If you use Anti-Seize you need to reduce your torque specification by 1/3. For example if you normally torque them to 11 to 16 ft/lb with Anti-Seize you would torque them to 7 to 11 ft/lbs.

NGK Wires:

The inexpensive NGK blue wires are perfect for these engines. Expect to change them about every 30K miles. If you pull your wires off the plugs and the ends look like they were freshly dipped in oil, your valve cover gasket is bad and the plug wires are ruined. Be certain to replace the valve cover gasket first in this case or it will just ruin the next new set of wires.

NGK wires have a lifetime guarantee. Save the box and the receipt.

9160ZE21NGK Blue Wires

Please note: Recently, NGK has been gluing the boots on the end of the wire where they plug into the coil pack. This is fine if they are glued in the correct location, but my testing has indicated they are not glued in the correct location and this leads to the wires not being fully inserted into the coil packs.

Personally, I use a rounded off jeweler screwdriver dipped in silicone grease and carefully work it under the edges of the boot to separate the boot from the glue that holds it in place on the wire. Be careful. It's easy to ruin the outside blue cover on the wires and I doubt the warranty will cover the wires if you puncture them. It takes me about 5 minutes per wire to get them unglued. Don't get in a hurry and don't use a sharp device as that will certainly cause insulation damage.

Once the boots are able to slide on the wires, slide the boots away from the ends designed to go into the coils, press the ends down into the coil towers until they snap in place, then slide the boots onto the towers.

Air Filter:

Stock paper elements have been tested time and again to not be any restriction in the intake air path. Stock paper air filters are more than adequate for a great running Miata.

Amsoil TS96
Fram CA6828
NAPA 6097
Wix 46097

Fuel Filter:

Bosch 71550
Fram G6895
NAPA 3289
Wix 33289

Oil Filter:

A larger oil filter has a larger element inside. A larger element means the oil flow through the filter element is slower. Slower flow gives better filtering. A larger element also has more overhead against clogging and bypassing. I recommend the extended sizes listed below for better flow and better filtering. They have more filter area, better flow and the same thread and gasket.

Here's an education: http://www.gmtruckcentral.com/articles/oilfilterstudy.html

Stock Size (Height ~ 2.58")
Amsoil EA15K12
Baldwin B1400
Bosch 3300
Fram XG6607
Mobil 1 M1-108
NAPA 1365, 7040
Wix 51365

Extended Size (Height ~ 3.64") < What I use is the FRAM XG7317.
Amsoil EA15K13
Baldwin B1402
Bosch 3323
Fram XG7317
Mobil 1 M1-110
NAPA 1356
Wix 51356

Way Extended size (Height 4")

PCV Valve:

AC Delco CV936C
Borg WarnerPCV 355
Echlin CRB 29355
Fram FV258
Mazda OEM BP05-13-890
Novo W0133-1643363
Purolator PV1024
Standard V290

Catalytic Converter:

Bosal (Non CARB) 099-260
Magnaflow (Non CARB)23696
Magnaflow (CARB) 36684

Timing Belt Kit:


Factory Water Pump Gaskets:

Water Pump InletB366-15-165
Water Pump B6BF-15-116

Factory Oil Seals

Cam Seal FS05-10-602A
Late NA6-NA8 Main Seal (Not Big Nose)B3C7-10-602A
Early NA6 Main Seal (Short Nose Crank)BP01-10-602A
Oil Cap Gasket8871-10-252
NA Rear Main SealBP05-11-312

Top End Gasket Set


O2 Sensor:Exact Fit

APWI (94-97) Upstream AP4193
Bosch (94-97) Upstream 15330
Denso (90-93) (One Wire)234-1024
Denso (94-97) Upstream 234-4144
Denso (96-97) Downstream234-4145

Belts:NA6 Alternator/Water Pump

Bando ATM 13X900
Dayco 17355
Gates 9355
NAPA NBH 259355

NA8 Alternator/Water Pump

Dayco 5040357
Gates K040347


Dayco 5040370
Gates K040370

NA PS only

Dayco 5040333
Gates K040338

NA AC only

Dayco 5040335
Gates K040335


The factory thermostat is a two stage thermostat which has been proven to do a better job of temperature regulation. There are many inexpensive single stage thermostats that have given results between complete satisfaction and "can't figure out" problems. I recommend the factory spec two stage thermostat.

The factory two stage thermostat from most Mazda dealers is pricey, running towards $30. From Rosenthal, around $20. O'Reilly sells a two stage thermostat with the factory temperatures for under $10.

Murray® Temperature Control Plus - Thermostat
Part # 41492

Here's the OEM part numbers if you want to order one from your local Mazda dealer.


Rosenthal has them on their cooling parts pages.

The Factory Service Manual gives these specs for the OEM thermostat.

Initial opening temperature
Main valve 188-193 deg. F
Sub valve 183-187 deg. F

Full open temperature
212 deg. F

Radiator Cap:

(90-97), 13 lbs pressure.

Manufacturer Part
Gates RC124
Mazda D316-15-205
Motorad 67523
Stant OE 10227
Stant Safety Release10327


You can get a complete factory set of coolant hoses from Rosenthal Mazda

NA6 http://www.finishlineperformance.com/store/product.php?productid=16404&cat=316&page=1

NA8 http://www.finishlineperformance.com/store/product.php?productid=16405&cat=316&page=1

99-00 http://www.finishlineperformance.com/store/product.php?productid=16406&cat=316&page=1

01-05 http://www.finishlineperformance.com/store/product.php?productid=17270&cat=316&page=1