NA Fuel Tank Replacement

by David Hazim - 30 June, 2009

(Note: when I refer to a bolt size I am referring the tool needed to remove it, not the actual thread of the bolt)

It took me only a few hours to complete the gas tank swap from a 90-93 tank to a 94-97 tank. There is slightly more capacity with the later. I highly recommend that an impact gun be had for this job to go quickly. No need to remove the wheels till the very end (BLEEDING THE BRAKES). This is a two man job.
  • First, disconnect your battery.
  • First thing is to jack the car as high as you can and then place your floor jacks.
  • Place a gas can and funnel beneath the gas tank drain and remove the 17mm bolt and drain the tank.
  • Remove the upper strut nuts (14mm) located in the trunk.
  • Next, detach the electrical cable from the PPF by undoing the clips(needle-nose pliers).
  • Remove 10mm bolt the helps to hold the electrical cable stemming from the PPF as well as the other clip below it. No need to remove the PPF from the Differential, just at the transmission.
  • Remove the PPF bolts from the transmission end only(17mm).
  • Remove the hard brake-line from the block on the passenger side (10mm line-wrench).
  • Remove the emergency brake cables from both calipers (Two 14mm wrenches).
  • Before going to the next step, you must ensure that the differential is supported by a large jack (2.5-3TON) that is tall enough to slightly take the weight off the jack stands.
  • Position the jack such that its holding up the Differential but is not lifting the car off the jack stands. With the 1/2" impact gun, a 1/2"x6" extension and a 19mm deep impact socket, remove the two sub frame nuts and the one bolt from each side. Position one person at the jack and another under the car to help guide the PPF and Drive shaft out smoothly. Communicate between the two of you as to a comfortable rate of lowering and backing out. Remember, all you need is enough room to remove the gas tank so there is no need to completely roll the sub frame away from the car.
  • Pop open the gas tank lid and remove the four screws. Inside the trunk there is a panel on the drivers' side that gives access to the gas tank hoses. I already had mine removed so I cannot recall the bolts for the panel (4 or 5 10mm bolts).
  • Now remove the 10mm screw holding the bracket that comes off the metal pipe of the filler hose.
  • Next, remove only the clamps that secure the big hose and the smaller one to the tank. There is no need to remove the hose from the metal filler tube. Once the clamps are undone, use the metal filler tube for leverage in getting the rubber hoses off the tank. I've found this to be the best way. The cover above the gas tank inside the "people-space" was already removed in my car, so I'll skip all that, but all the hoses and the electrical connector must be disconnected. The fuel pump does not need to be removed.
  • Now back beneath the car, there are four 12mm bolts that hold the gas tank in place, remove them. There is a hook-like part of metal that holds the tank up on the drivers side, just try playing with the tank and it will clear it.
Now install your new tank and put everything back together and then don't forget to BLEED THE BRAKES!