Lubricating Door Windows

My driver's window was always slow to go up and down. I suspected the rubber seal along the door but I have not been able to source a replacement. So I decided to try and lube it up myself.

You will need:

  • Silicon Grease - I used Silicon Brake grease, which is black, but clear silicon grease would be better.
  • White lithium grease in a spray can
  • Razor blades
  • Good window cleaner.


  • Remove door panel
  • Put window in down position
  • Pull the rubber seal out a little. So you can spread it wide open.
  • Apply silicone grease all along the inside of that seal.
  • Return the seal to its original position.
  • Use the white lithium grease spray with the little tube attached to the novel.
  • Spray the metal guides near the center and real of the window. Try not to hit the glass, but you will.
  • Put the window all the way up.
  • Reach through the access hole in the door to access the lower portion of the rubber seal.
  • Pull the seal out like you did before to lube the entire inside like you did above.
  • Spray more white lithium grease on the guides and the bearings in the guides.
  • Use the razor blades to scrape as much lithium grease off the window as possible.
  • Finish up with the window cleaner.
  • Re install door panel.
  • Enjoy the new life you just breathed into your window.